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How does that work? Which way will that wheel turn? This is a pretty cool way to get some answers to those trickier questions!  Each of these lessons involves building a different model, a mini machine or project each week. From race cars to working mini conveyor belts the foundations and the inner workings of these projects are explored as they 'play'.

The kids are giving a well presented and organised kit containing all the bits they need and fantastic pictorial instructions to follow. Engineer and teacher JB is on hand to chat about the theory of all the motorised and moving parts and also there to lend a hand if building gets hard. He is really passionate about learning and as a dad he is patient, understanding and of course knowledgeable.

The concentration and satisfaction of building their project is really nice to see - the class is literally having fun discovering Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) using motorised LEGO®!  It is not just about learning to be an engineer either, these sessions nurtures all kinds of skills transferable to life. Patience, listening, maths, teamwork, science....the list goes on! 

Be prepared for some resistance when they have to break down their project at the end of the lesson.....they get pretty attached - so take some pics so you can look back on the fun they had.

mamma's special mentions:
Young Engineers also do school incursions, home schools, Birthday parties, , holiday programs, Adult team building, Golden age program and some fund-raising workshops. Very recently Young BEngineers orgnised a fund-raise workshop for Mercy Hospital Critical Care Unit Appeal.

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