tenacious tall ship, williamstown

Welcome to Williamstown Tenacious! This glorious tall ship will be docked in Australia until April next year. The ship has a number of special design features which allows everyone, regardless of whether they are living with disability, to play a full and active role as a member of crew – the entire vessel is wheelchair accessible including the platforms, up the mast and bowsprit; there are aids for the visually impaired like speaking compasses and people with limited dexterity can even helm the ship with a joystick.

Mamma's special mention: we had a tour on board with the volunteers of this wonderful ship - it is impressive and fabulous to see the ways in which all abilities can step aboard and crew this vessel. If you get a chance to have a look - mamma says do it!

the nitty gritty

Public Open Day
Gold coin donation
Friday 2nd of September

PUBLIC DAY SAILS To book on a public sails visit www.jst.org.au or email info@jst.org.au

Sat 24th Sep 2016
Sun 25th Sep 2016
Sun 20th Nov 2016

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