a small wading pool

gather up
- a small wading pool
- slightly warmed water
- some lung power
- sun smart gear
- some toys

On a warm weather day, take the wading pool outside, blow it up with a bit of lung power, fill it with a little water from the hose or a bucket and - BAM - you'll have an instant crowd pleaser! At Mamma's house, we add a couple of buckets of warmer water, toss in a heap of little toys even some water squirters, then sit back and enjoy watching the splish splosh splashing and laughing.

Mamma's lil' tip: have all your sun-smart stuff on hand for the whole fam, as well as anything else you might need before you fill up the pool, as you must supervise children at all times near water.

the nitty gritty
mess factor - some
for ages - 9 mths+

Once the weather warms up, a small wading pool is invaluable. And Mamma means a small one, Dad!