bath painting

gather up
- shaving cream 
- food colouring
- paintbrush
- a plastic plate or container

Put a large splodge of shaving cream in a container or on a plastic plate, add 1 or 2 drops of food dye - Mamma absolutely means 1 or 2 drops only. Swirl together or better still let the kids mix it using a paintbrush. Designate an 'area' they are allowed to paint, the sides of the bath for example. It does get messy but it is all contained and takes a moment to wash away.

Mamma's 'lil tip: you can use this in the shower too, the foamy concoction works well on glass. 

the nitty gritty
mess factor - lots
from ages - 1+

Put a swirl over here and a swirl over there. With two minutes prep time you'll have your testy toddler in the bath in a splash.