gone fishin'

gather up
- wool or twine
- a 30cm stick
- some paper or card
- pens and crayons
- scissors
- paper clips or staples
- a magnet

Tie the wool or twine on to one end of the stick and tie the magnet at the other end of the 'line', just like a fishing rod. About 60cm of line should be enough. Draw and cut out some fish shapes on the paper or card. If you feel inclined, decorate the fish anyhow you like. Pop a paper clip or staple on the tail. Spread them out on the floor and demonstrate how to 'catch' a fish. Talk about bang for your buck! Your cherubs will get crafty, learn about magnets and hone their hand-eye coordination all in this clever little activity. 

Mamma lil' tip: take this activity to another level by laminating the fish and plopping them into a container of water.

the nitty gritty
mess factor - some
for ages - 2+

 The initial set-up time is well worth it as the kids will have a great game to dig out whenever they feel like throwing in a line.