jelly fish balloons

gather up
- a couple of  balloons
- a black marker
- water from a tap

Fill the balloons with some cold water straight from the tap. You only need about 300mls or less in each balloon. Use the black marker to draw little jelly fish faces on the balloons: a nose, mouth and eyes and a few tentacles/arms/squiggly lines. Give them names like Kelly the Jelly, Sandra or Bob. Plop them into the bath, sandpit or anywhere really. 

Mamma's lil' tip: use different colours and shapes and amounts of water for a whole jelly fish family. 

the nitty gritty
mess factor - none
(unless the balloon pops!)
for ages - 1+

Wibble wobble. These little jelly fish creatures super easy to create and so much fun to play with!