shelling pistachios

gather up
- un-salted, un-shelled pistachio nuts
- a little bowl or two

All you need to do is dish out a handful of un-salted, un-shelled pistachio nuts and a little bowl for the shells to your happy little helper. Give a little demo on how to un-shell the nuts and be on hand to assist with some of the more trickier nuts. This may seem like the simplest task ever but it's so popular with the kiddos that Mamma felt the need to share. Pistachio nuts pack a powerful nutritional punch, making this activity not just fun but also doubles as a healthy snack. 

Mamma's lil' tip: this is the perfect activity to shell out (pardon the pun!) at morning or afternoon tea time or a great way to keep your little bees busy when you are preparing dinner.

the nitty gritty
mess factor - very little
for ages - 3+

 Simply add un-shelled, unsalted pistachio nuts to your next shopping list and in no time at all you can have a willing little helper dishing up this afternoon's snack.