shhhh quiet reading time

gather up
- a classical tune
- your stereo
- a couple of books

Pop on some music, announce that is quiet reading time and get comfy. Grab a favourite newspaper, a magazine or book. Encourage your young ones to 'read' on their own or, if need be, read to them. Everyone needs a little chill out time during the day and this activity is an opportunity for your family to do just that.

Mamma's lil' tip: set up an easily accessible shelf or box of books in the lounge room, rotate the books often and you will enjoy watching them pick up a book and sit quietly flicking through the pages. 

the nitty gritty
mess factor - very little
for ages - any age

This relaxing activity will become a favourite for you and the family in no time. Even the most active kiddos will learn to enjoy this.