treasure hunt

gather up
- a small basket or bag
- coloured pom poms, or
- jewellery, or
- any small-ish sparkly objects

- kiddy chopsticks (optional)

Take a few minutes to 'hide' the items around your house or garden. Then point your crew in the direction of the loot. While the little pirates are busy hunting for treasure, you'll get a bit of much needed space to knock a couple of items of your to-do list. The chopsticks make it tricky for the youngsters, fingers are fine for tykes and kiddos.

Mamma's lil' tip: help another Mamma out and initiate a play-date, this is a great activity to do with a few extra pirates.

the nitty gritty
mess factor 
- very little
for ages - 2+

Ahoy me hearties! This is a quick to set up activity if you need some time to get a few things done.