watering the garden

gather up
- small watering can
- water from the tap or hose
- vegie patch/herb garden (optional)

Pop into your local gardening store and grab a little watering can or two for the miniature budding green thumbs in your home. Tykes and kiddos love being helpful and this is an excellent activity for getting the whole family involved and interested in maintaining a garden or outdoor area. At Mamma's house, the Little People love watering the vegies, the grass or even a patch of dirt will do for some good ol' fashioned mud pie making.

Mamma's lil' tip: if your kids are showing a real interest in the garden, making a little herb garden in a pot with them is a great thing to do. 

the nitty gritty
mess factor - some
for ages - 1+

An easy and fun way to introduce Little People to one of life's simple pleasures.