treasure box

gather up
- a 'treasure box'
- a few nick nacks

Fill a 'treasure' box with a few bits and bobs by raiding your kitchen drawers, toolbox, sewing kit, jewellery box or even throw in some forgotten toys. Objects like a tape measure, old phone, purses, photos, bangles - don't be surprised if the object you find least interesting is the one that they like best. Wait for an opportune moment and deliver the box into eager hands. Always put the treasure box away when you are finished doing what you need to do, this keeps the whole thing more special.

Mamma's 'lil tip: have a couple of boxes around the house and rotate the objects to keep it interesting. This is a great activity to do with older siblings when feeding the baby.

the nitty gritty
mess factor
- some
for ages - 6mths+

Need ten minutes to make a phone call or have a shower? With a few minutes set up, you can buy some time and invoke curiosity..