Mamma Knows West - The west's LARGEST online resource for families

Who would have thought that 3 years ago when Mamma Sammi and Mamma Mandy first had the idea of creating Mamma Knows West - that it would be such a valued and popular resource for so many families. We absolutely love the West and we would both like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us and a big thanks to Mamma Erin for joining the team this year with Mamma Knows East!

Here are some fun stats to share with you all about our journey in the west so far!

  • 1.7 Million page views
  • 840K visits
  • 160 weekend planners
  • 120 places to go
  • 80 parks and playgrounds
  • 120 spots to eat
  • 412 lattes
  • 23 tantrums
  • 2 meltdowns (by the Mamma's!)
  • 5 smashed phones
  • 2003 smiles
  • over 20K photos
  • Countless hours of exploring
  • Endless fun.

Oh and you'd think getting one photo would be easy with 2 kids, 11 balloons and a gale force wind...?