mamma's halloween party 2016

The Mamma Knows West team would like to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A big thanks to everyone who made such a fantastic effort with all your costumes this year. You all looked absolutely amazing. The major prizes this year went to the Day of the Dead Family and the Wolf Pack Family! Plus special Mamma's special mentions go to Cruella D'ville, The beautiful mamma in the orange witch costume, Keith as Yo Gabba Gabba, ALL the wicked witches of the west Mamma's, Harley Quinn Mamma,  Doctor Who, that tiny elephant and the bumble bee! WOW - seriously you all looked incredible. 

A HUGE thanks to Nikki from Little Ginger - her fantastic party venue looked incredible and the effort she goes to to put on the perfect party is incredible. 

Our prizes this year were donated from the fantastic Sunshine Paint Spot, Bubbelini, (delicious bubbles you can pick up from The Village Store in Yarraville)  The Cupcake Queens, Red Bobble and Little Ginger