mandy couzens photography - wallflower series

Mamma Mandy - 'Wallflower' Art Series .


The other half of Mamma Knows West, local Mamma and photographer, Mandy -  has just launched her own art series called Wallflower.  A series she has been working hard at since last year.

The series is a range of gorgeous flowers on black, arranged and shot to capture their amazing beauty. "I also see something beyond the flower in each image - a reminder of an old painting, a magnificent draped fabric, or a magical forest on a mountain range...they all have their own story to tell.  I like that I have flowers from all stages of life showing that beauty can occur in both youth and age."

"The collection started off just as an Instagram post last year, when one of my favourite flowers - Peonies, had just come into season and I threw them in my home studio, which is always set up with soft and dark lighting.  Usually for food though!  The shot came out gorgeous - the focus became the petals, the shapes, the softness the colours. Then as the roses started to wilt over the coming weeks on the mantle I noticed how they were becoming even more beautiful and getting better with age. The colours became more muted and the folds became softer, so they went back into the studio.  This starting me off on gathering my favourite flowers and shooting them in the same way.  With interest from friends wanting to purchase the prints (you know who you are, and thanks) - it turned into it's own collection"

"The collection is not finished, it never will be, as long as I see and keep finding flowers that inspire me..."

Lucky for us, you can now purchase these gorgeous works!

the nitty gritty

Print prices range from $80 - $610 AUD depending on size and come unframed.

Other sizes and framing available on request email:

Prints are hand numbered, with limited release of 50 and signed and printed locally on 300gsm quality rag paper. 

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