the ocean warrior arrived in williamstown

Their was heaps of excitement in Williamstown on Tuesday when Sea Shepherd Crew and some supporters gathered at Seaworks to welcome the newest of the Sea Shepherd fleet The Ocean Warrior to Australian shores. This 4 month old ship constructed in Denmark has been designed and built with speed and capabilities to match even the fastest poaching vessels. This new vessel will be a huge advantage on the high-seas, increasing the capacity to defend precious wildlife in our oceans.

The Ocean Warrior along with the Steve Irwin will be heading off shortly on the Sea Shepherd's 11th anti-whaling campaign. Operation Nemesis

Weekend Ship Tours are happenin soon.
10am-7pm Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th

Enjoy a free guided tour of Sea Shepherd's new custom-built Antarctic patrol vessel, the Ocean Warrior, meet the Operation Nemesis crew and purchase the latest range of Sea Shepherd merch to support the mission. 

CLICK HERE for more info on their special event

Dont forget to grab a bite at the Saturday Sausage Sizzle or at the Sunday Bake Sale. All food 100% Vegan.