the halal snack pack (hsp) hits the west!


Well, Mamma has been hearing all about the Sydney food sensation that is the Halal Snack Pack or HSP for about a week now and after a bit of investigating..... we found a cozy place in Footscray that makes them!
Being a first timer - Wally of Double Degree Kebabs in Footscray was very welcoming and guided me through my order by insisting I try the mixed meat snack pack with double melted cheese....naturally - I took him up on his recommendation. 

So what is a HSP? Well, essentially it is layers of hot chips, melted cheese, kebab meat (lamb or chicken or both in this case!) topped off with sauces of your choice.....I went, chilly, garlic AND BBQ as it seems to be the 'done' thing. 

The taste test? Well, aside from a fairly 'unappealing' looking takeaway container of saucy meat, the taste is really quite awesome. Perhaps for next time I might go for more chilly and double the layer of chips and I guess this is the great thing about this foodie phenomenon - you can build it to your liking!

Wally sells about 50 per day and this number is increasing as the popularity and word of mouth about the HSP grows. There is even a whole facebook page dedicated to those who LOVE this delicious dish - check out the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society with over 140K members.

Have you seen the HSP anywhere else in the West?