the mussel boat - bay sea farms, gem pier williamstown

**Sunday May 28 - Last trading day for the season before they close for the Winter**

Mamma declares all Sundays from now on to be Seafood Sundays! Bay Sea Farms and their 'Mussel Boat' are back at Gem Pier in Williamstown selling the freshest and best seafood straight from the boat. Matt and his Dad run this family seafood business in the bay where they farm their own mussels, abalone and oysters. They take fresh seafood and the sustainability of the industry very seriously and have been in the industry for 20 years. Their passion is obvious in the taste! Mamma loves taking the family down to the boat and we all get to choose our fav bits to cook up later that day. The oysters are shucked by Matt right there and then, a bonus as it's great for the kids to watch. They also source the best seafood from around Australia too like Coffin Bay Oysters and Spencer Gulf SA King Prawns, plus have locally caught fish available too.


Mamma's special mention:  You can't come down to Gem Pier on a seafood hunt without having a play at Commonwealth Reserve and grabbing a cuppa and a bite at Carter Smith Devlin. Or pop over and visit the Sea Shepherd every Sunday.


the nitty gritty

 Sundays 9am-1pm
from late Oct - April (when mussels are in season)  Seafood generally includes - Prawns, Fish (snapper in pics), Oysters, Mussels, Abalone

Gem Pier