joes corner cafe, wyndham harbour (werribee south)

Joe's Cafe is the perfect spot to have a coffee and a look at the - currently under construction -Wyndham Harbour. This cafe is a newbie and not in 'full swing' as yet (that's happening in March 2016). They still have some eats though - albeit a limited menu - and of course COFFEE! Mamma says Joes Corner Cafe is big, clean and cool plus has a fun Pirate Ship play area to keep the Little Ones entertained whilst you enjoy your cuppa and a nosey parker at the Marina.

Mamma's special mention: Check out Marina Square at Wyndham Harbour  with it's lush grass and huge palm trees!

the nitty gritty
Quay Blvd
Wyndham Harbour
(off Duncan's Road) 

Wednesday - Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm 

Closed until Jan 2