g h ransom reserve, altona

It's no secret Mamma is a sucker for a playground with bay views. This playground is full of the usual good stuff like swings, slides, hanging bars, ride on upsy downy things AND is surrounded by some fantastic grassy areas that are big enough for a few games of kick the ball.  It IS situated between two roads which not ideal for those 'runners' but this also makes it feel less isolated than some other playgrounds.  The bay views and the scent of the sea is so refreshing and always puts Mamma and the kids in a good mood.

Mamma's special mention: If you love beachside playgrounds as much as Mamma, check out Apex Park Reserve and WG Cresser Reserve in Altona or have a look at Mamma's HOT FIVE westie beach playgrounds.

the nitty gritty

toilets - bbq's - free parking - no fencing



Esplanade Altona