the beat @ altona city theatre, altona

Having trod the boards there for many a pantomime and show - Altona City Theatre is very close to this Mamma's heart. Throughout the year they put on some fantastic shows and it is the perfect place to enjoy local Westie peformances in this very professionally run 'amateur' theatre company.

Altona City Theatre also has a youth program called ACTion with a focus on learning all aspects of both stage and back stage for 7-12YO - click here for more info on ACTion.

Mamma's special mention: 


In the beginning... there was the beat. And it was good. Take a journey with us down musical memory lane through the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s! From Motown to MTV, icons will be immortalised. Stars will be celebrated. Generations of music that were the soundtrack of our youth. It's the music of our lives, live on stage. And man, the music is good.  So, all you hairbrush-singers, loungeroom-dancers, mixed-tape makers, twisters-and-shakers. This is for you. Let your hair hang down. We can be heroes. Just for one day.

THE BEAT is a two-act rock revue, starting in the Motown world of Hitsville USA, taking a trip down musical memory lane through 60s girls groups and du-wop boys, 70s protest songs and disco divas, 80s MTV and thrilling icons

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