meet the lion cubs @ werribee zoo

Yeah ok - well Mamma is just a tad clucky so we are pretty excited about the arrival of these bundles of joy! They are the pride and joy of Werribee Open Range Zoo at the moment and rightly so - they are really are adorable.

Born Born on 13 December 2016 to mum Nairibi and dad Johari they are now old enough to venture out in the mornings and we can visit them during this time.

At this stage staff expect that there will a morning viewing each day, but times may vary due to the cubs’ need to rest and to spend time in the dens getting to know the rest of the pride.

As the cubs continue to grow, these viewing times will be extended. *Click here for the current viewing times

Mamma's special mentions: Mamma arrived right on 9am and went straight to the Lion viewing area to wait patiently for the little ones.

  • During the viewing period only a certain number of people are invited to view the cubs.
  • Once the area meets capacity you are given around 10 minutes of viewing time (again depending on crowds)
  • You can go back out and line up again for more cub star action if you like though.


the nitty gritty

Viewing Times

Daily: 9.30am – 12noon

*These times are subject to change so PLEASE check HERE before you go out to the Zoo,

Normal entry fee for Werribee Zoo