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You know what's nice when you walk into a store? Passion.  The owners of this new store in Newport have it by the bucket load, and rightly so.  Everything in this family run store is either made by them, adapted by them, or sourced thoughtfully by them. By them, I mean local westies Rob and his wife Terttu.  They also have artwork from their SUPER talented and creative children Hanna and Luke.  Their stuff is AMAZING (and perfect for a kiddies bedroom). This is one of those perfect shops for Christmas presents as everything is so unique and VERY cool.

Mamma's special mention

Maple Leaf Meats food truck is back at MISC Saturday March 3 from 10am - 3pm.


the nitty gritty

10am - 5pm
Thur 10am - 7pm
 Fri  Sat 10am-5pm
 Sun 10-2

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312 Melbourne Road Newport