truganina swamp (truganina coastal parklands), truganina

If you and your tribe are in need of a little adventure and fresh air and you don't feel like driving for miles to get out of town, you must check this place out. You'd be forgiven for having lived in Altona for years and not really seen this place. Its hidden away next to the Golf Course, and usually the term 'swamp' doesn't conjure up pictures of freshness and beauty, but this place is just that. Teeming with bird life and flora it seems peaceful and untouched, it has a good trail to pretend you're hunting for the 'dreaded swamp monster of Truganina' so you can run around for a good length of time to wear the little ones out.

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The nitty gritty

free entry - free parking - no toilets-


Enter cnr Bell and Grant Ave Altona