school holiday workshops @ little creatures collective, seddon

Let the creative flair of your little ones flow freely at the Little Creatures Collective studio. Just try holding them back once they catch sight of the rainbow paint, paper and all manner of painting utensils. You will be blown away by the professional set up. Mamma Beck - art teacher and mastermind behind the art school - expertly wrangles through the session guiding messy little hands and eager minds. This is a top notch way to spend time where the 'no mess' rule simply does not apply.

Her Young Artist's after school programs are fantastic too and aim to inspire a new way of 'thinking and being' as an artist -  with a focus on individualism through sculpture, painting and drawing from observation.

Mamma's special mention: The Holiday Programs here at Little Creatures Collective are fantastic they always fill quickly so check them out NOW - click here

the nitty gritty

term based classes
Little Artist
suitable for
2-5 years old
Young Artist
suitable for
5-12 years old

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at 95 Buckley St