step into life, newport

Who are those people bouncing around the gorgeous Greenwich Reserve having all that fun, fresh air and getting fit? Mamma took some time to check out a training session with some of the super keen fitsters at Step into Life Newport.
Essentially this is a fun way to get keep fit with choices of either cardiomax or toneup sessions complete with games and obstacle courses. Where Step into Life Newport shines is local Mamma, head trainer and owner Kelly, she is inspiring, motivating and most notably has a huge 'care factor' for her members. She knows why each person is there and pushes perfectly to support and personally train you to reach your goal, whatever your fitness level.

Mamma says if you are not sure you have the stamina to get to your health and fitness on track, that's cool 'cause all you have to do is take the first step and go to a session - Kelly will take you the rest of the way. 

Mamma's special mention:  parenthood means it can be tricky getting a little time to work on your fitness - talk to Kelly about some local occasional care options - she has that side of things sorted too!

the nitty gritty
at Greenwich Reserve, the Strand, Newport

any fitness level welcome/no experince required
3 free trial sessions available

pricing is around $15 for the hour session (depending on your fitness package)

call Kelly on 0419 000 709 

Wanna know more? click here.