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Advertising information and enquiries: please email directly to sammi@mammaknowswest.com.au

Hot Tip for Mamma: If you have a hot tip of a fun activity or a new cafe or business - we'd love to hear from you! email us team@mammaknowsmelbourne.com.au if you have a community event - please send your flyer (JPEG) and any other info through to community@mammaknowswest.com.au

Mamma's Photo Policy

All images on the Mamma Knows West/East websites and social media are taken by the Mamma’s and their team. They are fully owned and copyrighted by Mamma Knows Melbourne. Credit is required when sharing on social media, photos may not be used without permission or altered in any way.
Did Mamma come and take photos of your place of business and you’d like a copy to use in promotional media, including Facebook ads?  We do appreciate you taking an interest in our photos, however they are actually still our property and were used to promote your business through Mamma Knows East and West ONLY.  We are happy to sell you certain pictures at a low cost to you.  For photography packages on your business please contact us for a quote.