white night, ballarat

What a sensational event this is. Mamma says it is absolutely NOT to be missed and worth heading to Ballarat for!

This was one of our highlights for 2017 and the program for its second year is set to be just as fantastic. You will see the return of 'The White Night Messenger' - a huge awe inspiring space puppet that struts and bounds through the crowds. Fantastic buildings illuminated with mesmerising 'electric gallery' projections plus there are countless galleries to explore, art exhibitions and roving performances and more.

The streets are lined with food vendors, bands and the vibe is fantastic. There is so much to see and do you couldn't possibly see it all - but you can plan ahead for the things you want to see  - check out the full program here

Mamma's special mention: 

From a family friendly perspective - get there EARLY! We took a pram with us for tired legs last year but as the crowds build (from about 9pm) it is tricky to maneuver.

Food vendors were plentiful and not too busy early on - you could have dinner before you go though and of course take some snacks with you if you like.

It can be a late night for the kids but we thought it was magnificent and worth little grumpy moments here and there.

the nitty gritty

Saturday March 17
7pm - 2am

Wanna know more? click here

Central Ballarat
Sturt St