last days for dinosaurs and megabeasts in melbourne

Well, we know Melbourne families are massive fans of Dinosaurs and Megafauna! Have you had a chance to catch the fantastic Dino Park at Melbourne Zoo, Zoorassic at Werribee Open Range Zoo and MegaBeasts at Healesville Sanctuary?.

We, of course, are lucky to have Zoorassic here in Werribee and if you haven’t walked through the gigantic gates and followed the Werribee River Trail to spot an animatoronic Dino or two - Mamma says, don’t leave it too much longer!

Dino Park at Melbourne Zoo is another fab experience as you make your way through the special quarantine entry into Dino Park to see dinosaurs come to life! You might even get up close, to touch and feed them with their Keeper. Oh and the dino babies are soooo cute!!

And then Healesville Sanctuary has the MegaBeasts! You won’t find any dinosaurs, but you will find some more familiar creatures that have evolved into some of our favourites over thousands of years. Keep your eye out for the giant terror birds that are very much like our emus, the wooly rhino with two horns and even the ferocious saber-toothed tiger!

Each experience is unique and if you are a zoo member - FREE so well worth making sure you catch each one.

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the nitty gritty

These fab experiences will be over on July 14!

Included with your ZOO ENTRY!