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Oh my fur and whiskers - Mamma and her love of Alice in Wonderland go way back and we couldn't wait to check this exhibition out.

The fabulously surreal story by Lewis Carroll is well loved by everyone and the hundreds of interpretations and retelling of the famous story can be seen in all forms at this exhibition. From artwork, puppets, amazing digital projections, animated movies and costumes. 

So you begin at the beginning, down the rabbit hole of course and after a quick introduction you venture through a tiny door into Wonderland. Follow your 'Lost Map of Wonderland' through the hallway of doors, to the pool of tears and grab some advice from a caterpillar. There are all kinds of clues and interactive things you can do as you go as well as just enjoying some of the great pieces. Remember the more curious you are the more you will uncover.

Mamma says there are a couple of things that are really really cool like the Mad Hatters Tea Party room. The huge table is set with white crockery all ready to host a fab tea party for you and 29 friends! The projection 'show' goes for about 5 minutes and illuminates the table and walls with a series of magical animations that literally puts 'food' on the table. We only watched this once but it is something you could see over and over again if time permits and pending the queues etc. 

The Queens croquet room is a good one for the kids to get creative too with a sticker activity and some fun photo projections. We also were mesmerised by the wall of 30 or so screens playing clips of Alice inspired film and TV.  She really is everywhere!

This is a family treat for sure - and it is the world premiere of this exhibition and for Alice fans a must see. We loved it.

Mamma's special mentions: The entrance to the exhibition is timed but you can spend as long as you need once you are inside It is recommended for kids 6+ (our Miss 5 enjoyed it though). We found about 1.5 hours was sufficient to enjoy it for tired (end of school holidays) peeps - but to be honest Mamma and the bigger kids would have liked to have spent a bit longer.

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From now until October 7 2018

Full $25 Concession $21 Member $20 Child $16 Family $65

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Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne