brickman awesome, melbourne musesum plaza

Brickman Awesome is pretty awesome! From the huge Orca to the actual size car - there is an impressive display of talent, imagination and hours of work! This is what 2 million Lego bricks and 5000 hours gets you folks! Plus we loved the cool interactive stations where kids can create a penguin, their own vehicle or maybe even a critter or two! Oh you can also add your name to the longest Lego snake in the world too! Well, at least I hope that is right - there are seriously so many record breaking displays here, Mamma can't keep up!

The Rocket (complete with real take off audio and light effects) is the tallest Lego tower in the Southern Hemisphere, they have the only life sized Harley Davidson motor bike ever made and so many other cool displays (not giving away too many spoilers!)

We spent quite a bit of time here - the kids loved it. There is a search for Mr and Mrs Awesome competition too - where you need to locate little Lego figures throughout the displays - the kids were very keen to find those guys! 

Mamma says best for most kids over 4ish - but you know what? - who is Mamma to tell you when you are old enough to enjoy Lego displays like this - and you are definately never too old!

Mamma's special mentions: The museum is RIGHT next door - make the most of it and visit the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery or Vikings : Beyond the Legend is open there now too!

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the nitty gritty

March 21-April 29

At The Melbourne Museum Plaza
(just at the Melbourne Museum towards the back in a temporary exhibition pop up)

Opens: 10.00am
Last Entry: 4.30pm
Exhibit Closes: 5.30pm

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