legoland discovery world, chadstone

Everything really is awesome down at LEGOLAND discovery world!  It truly is a LEGO-lovers (not just kids) paradise.

This fabulous world of LEGO is the only one in the Southern Hemisphere, so it really is an experience like no other!

The main zone is in a circular room, where kids can interact with minifigures and learn more about the process of LEGO.

The next zone is Kingdom Quest, where you get to ride in a small cart armed with lasers, with the aim to shoot as many enemies as possible, whilst on a mission to rescue the heroes.
Then there is the Melbourne Miniland zone, which features all of Melbourne's most iconic features, in a LED display that takes the view from day to night. Amazing..

The rest of the land is more open displays that lead into one another. Offering kids the chance to make their own masterpieces, whilst also offering a Duplo softspace for the toddlers.

There is also a 4D cinema to entertain the kids, and give them a chance to sit for a bit.
A cafe is also on site, offering coffee and sandwiches, and little lego cookies!

Of course, there is also a LEGO shop that you have to visit. Stocking all the LEGO that you can imagine! 

This is definitely worth a visit if there is a LEGO lover in your life; they will feel like they have stepped into their wildest dream!

Mamma's special mention: These school holidays - take part in the ultimate chase through Legoland Discovery Centre. There is fun for everyone with their COPS V ROBBERS adventure - but who will win!


the nitty gritty

Mon - Wed
Thu - Sat

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Opposite HOYTS on the fourth floor, and near Target at Chadstone Shopping Centre
1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone