maritime cove community park and playground, port melbourne

This fabulous marine-themed community park opened early 2017 and you know how Mamma likes a good THEMED park....

Situated in the most picturesque place beside Port Melbourne's glistening bay and with views of the Webb Dock, the city, and plenty of boat watching - kids will adore it too.

It's well suited for all ages as there are boundless things to play with, most being old marine equipment. For the older kids, there are rope bridges and rope climbing equipment, old bright-yellow steel buoys to rock-climb, old channel markers that make excellent climbing towers, and a wooden tower with a huge spiraling silver slide as the only way down. For the younger ones there are see-saw boats, metal shovels and tunnels for sand play, smaller wobbly bridges, a musical area with a bell they can ring, and two water play areas - perfect for the warmer weather.
Not to mention the whole park is covered in soft sand!

On either end of the park there are replica shipping containers with bench seats, which offer a shaded area to rest.

If you don't get enough exercise chasing the kids around, there is also an exercise area complete with work-out equipment (active wear VERY optional! ha).  This is one unique park that you will want to visit again!

Mamma's special mention:

Make sure you remember to slip, slop, slap - as there isn't much shade. Bring a change of clothes in the warmer weather, as the kids wont be able to resist the water play areas!


the nitty gritty

Located at Sandridge Beach, Perce White Reserve,

Limited free parking - not much shade

crn of Todd Rd and The Blv
 Port Melbourne