polly woodside, south wharf

Jump aboard and take a guided tour upon the Polly Woodside and you will not be disappointed. Permanently docked at South Wharf, this huge and gorgeous boat built in 1885 is fascinating. The staff and volunteers are absolutely fantastic and the highly interactive guided tour on the boat and down below deck is well worth the time. The old adage 'don't rock the boat' DOES NOT apply during this tour, as it starts off with doing exactly that (oh don't wear heels Mamma's!) You get to take a look at the sleeping quarters of the sailors and imagine what it was like pulling 4 hour shifts to sail the ship. The kids (5 and 3) were enthralled and included in every aspect of the tour from hauling up coal from the belly of the boat to scrubbing the decks and ringing that very loud bell! Then at the end there is more activities in the museum! 

Mamma's special mentions: Once a month on a SUNDAY is PIRATE DAY! Plus they also do childrens birthday parties!

the nitty gritty

School holidays each day
Normal Trading Saturdays & Sundays

Adults: $16,
Concession: $13
Child (3-15years): $9.50
Family $43 ( 2 + 2) 

Polly Woodside has limited seasonal opening hours and is sometimes closed to general visitors. Please contact them prior to your visit to confirm opening hours and guided tour times
(03) 9656 9817

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21 South Wharf Promenade
South Wharf