snow play @ mount donna buang

With littlies the best day in the snow is a day that is easy, fun and free! Mt Donna Buang is the an ACE place to catch some snow and it's FREE making it ideal until you and the fam are ready to start skiing or snowboarding.  

Hmmmm and since the last time Mamma attempted the ski slopes it ended in tears and a deathly fear of chair lifts, Mamma says tobogganing is THE way to go. You can hire a toboggan for about $12 from the onsite van (you could always use a section of tarp if you don't want to hire a toboggan) and there is another van that sells hot chips, hot choccie and a few snacks. 

Be prepared and make sure you've got your Aldi (or borrowed) wet weather ski gear AND a change of clothes (don't forget the garbage bag for your wet and muddy clothes at the end of the day)
It's so much fun to run around, build a snowman, eat the snow and toboggan down the hill and you WILL be exhausted and exhilarated after 2 or 3 hours. 

Mamma's special mention: Need somewhere to stay? The Alpine Retreat in Warburton is cute, country and comfortable and includes pub (with fireplace) or Mamma also loves the The Warburton Hotel in Wesburn for some old school pub vibes for an beverage and feed.

the nitty gritty

Make sure you are very prepared ahead of your trip.

All drivers need to exercise caution, and patience, when driving in snow conditions, and new visitors to the mountain or first time visitors in snow take extra care.

You MUST check the snow report on Visit Warburton Facebook Page and Visit Warburton site for information on snow cover and road access (if you need chains etc) on the day your planning to go.
A grader usually clears the road mid morning so don't head up too early.

Mount Donna Buang

1 hour and 56 minutes from the westgate bridge