vikings - beyond the legend, melbourne museum

Hi ho Vikings! The newest exhibition, Vikings: Beyond the Legend has now opened at Melbourne Museum and Mamma (being a bit of a history fan) went to check it out. The kiddos came on this occasion (5 and 7) and they enjoyed it - the beautifully exhibited pieces may have even sparked some interest in the Norse history. Win!

Mamma is steering towards this exhibition probably being best suited to kiddos over 10 though. There is lots of reading, visual displays, audio and mostly lots and lots of fascinating artefacts likes swords, scissors, jewellery, house hold items, clothing replica's and that kid of thing. 

One thing is for sure - you are quickly corrected on any pre-conceived ideas about the stereotypical 'viking' image with their barbaric war loving ways that are often portrayed. The evidence displayed before you here all points to a culture of wonderful craftsmanship, engineering and beauty.

Mamma's special mentions: The museum is a fantastic place to explore and for the little ones - the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery is fantastic


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at Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson St

From now until August 26
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Adult $28
Concession $22
Child $14
Family $70

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