pink lake @ westgate park, port melbourne

 It is a great spot to explore too with bike tracks, little walking trails, lakes and bridges too. This a massive parkland with lots of different trails and these are often busy with cyclists too so be a little mindful of that when exploring. Visit now whilst the lake is this colour and the kids will love it.

Mamma's special mentions: Westgate Park’s salt lake has turned pink again this season: a natural phenomenon in response to very high salt levels, high temperatures, sunlight and lack of rainfall. Algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake produces the red pigment (beta carotene) as part of its photosynthesis process and in response to the extremely high salt levels. Please enjoy the views but avoid direct contact with the water

Pink Lake - Mamma Knows West

the nitty gritty

car parking - plenty of shade - BBQ - water fountain - toilets - no pram access on walking tracks

Todd Rd
Port Melbourne