candied pop, yarraville

This makes Mamma very happy. Now we can enjoy one our fave bakery spots in not ONE but TWO locations!

You will often see Mamma at Candied Bakery in Spotswood devouring a sausage roll...addicted! In fact, this place has been on high rotation with us for their yummy food for years. Now they have set up a small POP 'shop' of sorts in Yarraville!

When Mamma says small - it is so cute and tiny BUT you can expect to find the usual great coffee, croissants, pies, doughnuts, shortbread cookies, cold drinks and thank goodness their ridiculously amazing sausage rolls too! Think of it as a 'Candied favourites' shop.

It is located in an industrial type area off Hyde St - just keep an eye out for their board out the front.

Mamma's special mentions:
The Candied POP shop is near enough to Yarraville Gardens to mosy on down to pick up some lunch and a coffee too. Perfect!

The nitty gritty

Tuesday -Saturday

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