crimson bear, williamstown

There is a real shake down going on in eateries across Melbourne with a focus not just healthier options but boosting, detoxing, energising and healing using super foods and raw ingredients. Well, if we can enjoy a bevvy or a bite and get a bit more bang for our buck than a full tum then Mamma says: bonus! Crimson Bear is a nice little cafe in Williamstown who specialise in all of the above on their breakfast and lunch menu. They also serve up impeccably yum coffee and kids milkshakes made from natural ingredients making eating here is a real treat for everyone. Hmmm...still not sure about the green protein shake? Don't worry, Crimson Bear can be very convincing. 

Mamma's special mention: the cute back dining area is a perfect retreat to hang out with the kids whilst enjoying a guiltish free protein choc ball and a cuppa!

the nitty gritty
at 63a Stevedore St

Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday