eye candy gelato bar, altona

You can never have too much ice cream! Especially ice cream that tastes like this. 

You can get all the usual faves here like salted caramel, chocolate, strawberry ice creams. Mamma was not disappointed to find they don't serve that bright blue bubblegum flavour here - you know the one....the kids ALWAYS pick it and then get it on everything PLUS those delicious sorbets - yes including a chocolate one! Yum!

Mamma loves the space here too - lots of light and tables to have your ice cream in house or of course you can take it with you on the way to the Altona Beach which is literally a 1 minute walk that-away → unless your facing the shop then it's more ← way.....anyway - it's real close, you can't miss it.

Mamma's special mentions: The Eye Candy Gelato Bar is located in the Rockabye Candy Cafe and right across from Logan Reserve - a perfect spot for a play.

the nitty gritty

Open 7 days 7am-10pm






34 Pier St

Eye Candy Gelato bar - Mamma Knows West