altona north healthy food hub, altona north

For $3 dollars a meal - this is a fantastic way to take the pressure off on the home front and help others in our community.

Our usual order is a selection of meals which include things like butter chicken (a fam fave), meatballs, lasagna, sausage rolls and the vegetarian penne. The menu changes all the time too so there is lots of variety.

The $3 meal membership at UR Community Time Banking Altona North is open EVERYONE in our community. Their aim is to have at least 200 members at their Altona North location which will then allow them to open a secondary location and enable them to provide free food days and offer free memberships to those who really need assistance.

The food that is donated to them which they turn into delicious meals that is cooked fresh daily and are served chilled. All the meals are nutritionally balanced and some of your selections can be frozen to eat on another day if need be! Handy.

You can choose to collect your meals daily, bi-weekly or weekly; whatever works for your family. Or save even more time and have them delivered. (*a bit extra and only to certain spots)

It works like a gym membership type arrangement. Choose your 'plan' and then choose your meals!

For your membership cost (per person)  you receive 5 meals a week.

1 week membership for $20 per person (5 meals) 
1-month membership for $54 per person (20 meals)  
3 months’ membership for $175 per person (13 weeks) 5 meals per week 

*Please note delivery is an additional charge
$7 within 10 kms of Altona North or Sunshine West
$10.50 up to 10-15kms
$14 within 15-20kms



the nitty gritty


Saturday 1pm-5pm

They have a Facebook page to ask questions and look at their menu
click here
 or to sign up please click here


Millers Rd & McArthurs Rd
 Altona North
(at the Altona North Library)