ika8, footscray

Squid. A strange, wonderful and ridiculously tasty creature!

IKA8 says booya to the usual calamari rings and a big giant HELLO to squid on a stick. There are a heap of different styles and flavours to choose from including the Classic, the Korean (spicy! Phwoaaar) the Thai….all can be either fried or grilled, with chips or sides or just on its own. It is a take away styled eatery however the little shop has a great corner location with some cool booths to sit in the window - perfect to watch the passersby in the street.

Oh, and they do also have squid in rings too - it is super tender and tasty!

Mamma’s special mentions: Need coffee? Little Common is not too far from here. Need some fresh food? Footscray Market is right here!

the nitty gritty

11am - 9pm

7 days a week

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