new leaf cafe, newport

New Leaf Cafe is closing it’s doors soon - be sure to check their Facebook for updates before heading there.

Mamma popped in to the New Leaf Cafe in Newport recently for a quick cuppa and came out hours later with some happy kids and a full belly.

This cafe is simply awesome!
It has its own kids-and-parent section that is separate from the main cafe. This consists of a GIANT playroom, packed to the rafters with all types of toys, a blackboard, loads of pencils, books and so much more! 

There is also a little outdoor area with a table and outdoor toy set.
Kids can play happily whilst you can enjoy some delicious food, in peace!

New Leaf also plays host to toddler art classes on Fridays run by the fab guys at Craft Chimps! Worth checking out and they also have mums and bubs exercise classes so there's always something happening. You can even have your party here!

Mamma's Special Mention:  New Leaf is a little different from other cafes - it trains staff of all-abilities, and people who would usually find it difficult to work, in order to give them a new start.  So just be a little patient if your order takes a bit longer, it is worth it!

the nitty gritty

Monday - Satday
8.30am - 3.00pm

Phone: 9391 6876

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