otway nourished, ferguson

A good pit stop for lunch is so important on a family road trip and Mamma says this spot is good to eat some lunch, stretch the legs AND do some browsing. This old rustic shed houses not just a cafe, but a museum and a shop! Grab a toastie, burger and chips or maybe an icy pole and a coffee and just enjoy this space. There is something to see in every corner. The museum part is mainly old artefacts and history from the local area and the shop has groceries and some local handmade crafts. Mamma and Dadda always head to the real estate wall and dream of buying a country getaway!

Mamma’s special mentions: Go get some PYO blueberries for dessert at Otway Blueberries! Or head to the Redwood Forest for a magical adventure!

the nitty gritty

Open every day 9am-5pm (but has been known to be closed on occasion! - indoor and outdoor seating - cafe - museum - shop (groceries and local crafts)

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