titanic theatre restaurant, williamstown

Well, Mamma can now cross that off her bucket list.  The Titanic Theatre Restaurant in Williamstown is definitely an institution - it's been around for so many years and here's hoping she's got some more steam in her engines yet..  Is it a little cheesy? Of course! But that's the fun - you need to go here ready to have a good time and just go with the flow (pun intended).  We went first class, (there is also the below deck 'steerage' class - but the two never cross paths) and got into the spirit by dressing up which made it even better.  The show is quite funny (a few jokes may offend though!), and the cast are fantastic and full of energy - be prepared to get called up on stage (Mamma was) but it's all in good fun. After the show you must get up on the dance floor and bust a move or two to songs from the 50's, the 60's the 70's and the chicken dance...well maybe not the chicken dance.....The food is nice and the drink prices are reasonable. Mamma doesn't want to give it all away though - so just GO if you are in need of a different night out from the usual! Is steerage next on Mamma's list? You betcha!

Mamma's special mention: Not ready to call it a night? A quick walk up the road is Customs House with karaoke every Sat night - and yes you can belt out the Titanic song -  My Heart Will Go On. Go Celine!

the nitty gritty

Open Saturday nights - bar open 6pm for 6.30start.

Cost: $90pp first class $80pp steerage (3 course menu, not including alcohol) $5 extra in December.

Costume hire from the venue at $85pp.

Kid friendly? There is a kids menu but Mamma wouldn't recommend bringing child under 10yo.

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1 Nelson Place