waffee's @ altona

The smell alone in this little shop in Altona is enough to make you drool - don't even get Mamma started on the taste, yowsers! Each freshly cooked crisp golden perfect waffle is topped or filled with all kinds of amazing top notch ingredients. Imagine warm fresh glazed waffles with dark chocolate drizzled over the top or quality slabs of dark chocolate pushed into the layers of a piping hot waffle, even the plain ones are divine. Ok, that's enough about the waffles!

They have had a renovation and now re-opened after a hiatus and now they also have a selection of baguettes, croissants and tasty muesli on offer too - just in case you feel like a savoury bite.

They also do stupendous coffee, have great service and the baby cino's are ....(big call)....possibly the best in the west!

Mamma's special mentions: while you are in Harrington Square, pop into the  famous Borgs Cakes - pick up your cake making stuff and some of their pastizzi! 

the nitty gritty

Tuesday -Friday
 Sat 8:30am-3pm

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Shop 25
Harrington Square