yellow ledbetter, footscray

So Mamma has a friend - let’s call him Colin - well…that is his actual name! Anyway, Colin has been telling Mamma about a sandwich place called Yellow Ledbetter for a while now. He said it was the best sandwich place ever…

So Mamma decided to investigate this BIG CALL and see if Colin Knows Sandwiches… and guess what? They are INCREDIBLE!
Owner Shane prepares his fillings from scratch with love and care and boy-o is it obvious when you bite into your beef brisket or schnitzel sanga.

The location is unique here too, at the base of a big office building on the Maribyrnong river in Footscray. There is a big green grassy tree sheltered area next to the cafe which makes for a fantastic picnic spot!

Great coffee here too! Or the crinkle cut chips….or the COBB LANE doughnuts! ALLL AMAZING.

Mamma’s special mentions: Have a play in the park and wander down the Maribyrnong River!

the nitty gritty

weekdays ONLY 7:30am - 3:30pm

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71 Moreland St