grange 'rocket tower' reserve, hoppers crossing

This park takes Mamma's breath away! It's a really good option for bigger kids - and the much bigger kids. The rocket tower and numerous slides shooting from it is quite awesome and a little nail biting on first glance (well for Mamma anyhow!) but before long your kids will shooting and sliding from the stars, there is heaps of other climbing and fun to have here. If you can drag the big kids away from this epic structure -  there is a playground across the way better for smaller kids too with an interesting climbing frame, plus a swing set and quite a significantly smaller 'ahem' slide!

Mamma's special mentions: You can't possibly come to this neck of the woods and NOT pop into Daniels Bakery  for a world famous Nutella doughnut or FOUR!

the nitty gritty

BBQ -  shelter
 free parking  - no public toilets

Hogans rd
 Hoppers Crossing