pioneer drive park - woodlea, rockbank

Climbing is the aim of the game here at this park in the Woodlea estate in Rockbank. Mamma was impressed to see there is actually a complete adventure circuit to complete for the kids as a 'ninja warriors' type challenge. There are bollards, stepping stones, planks, rope ladders, webs and intricate towers to navigate around. It is quite unique. Both the young and older kids would find it great fun to get around the circle of play equipment without falling into the 'lava' below!

There is also a nest swing, some smaller swings and two separate towers to encourage all kinds of imaginative play. 

Mamma's special mentions: there are two other awesome parks all within two minutes of each other. Frontier Park and the Woodlea Adventure Park both worth visiting.

the nitty gritty

lots of free parking - BBQs - shelter - adult gym equipment - no toilets here but there are some at the other two nearby parks