dialogue in the dark, the district docklands

Essentially - Dialogue in The Dark is a sensory immersive experience like no other. Designed to push your limits, test your emotions and give everyone a new awareness of not only your surroundings but also what it is like to live with low vision or blindness.

Mamma says, you will learn a lot about yourself and your friends, as you communicate in absolute darkness making your way through a simulated Melbourne - using just your smell, touch, sounds and even taste - yes taste!

With the help of your skilled guide and a white cane - mamma says, you absolutely must take a journey through Melbourne to various iconic locations - in PITCH black darkness. It is an amazing experience.

There is not much Mamma can say to really prepare you for Dialogue in the Dark - in fact it is difficult to describe it. It is really something you just need to check out for yourself.

Mamma’s special mentions: Kids aged 5 up can visit here - however, you may want to do the tour first so you can prepare them for experience.

the nitty gritty

Adults are $31.50 and Kids between 5-15 are $15.60

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