gnome village, keilor

Gnome Village is a bit of a hot topic in the west at the moment so Mamma had to go and check out this special little spot for herself. Gnome Village is made up of over 150 eclectic gnomes that have been 'donated' to the village by all manner of people from all kinds of places - there is even a Gnomevlle Court and most of the residents have names too! 

A local resident Natalie from Keilor Park started a Facebook Page for this unique place after seeing a little Gnome and a door painted on a tree and that was over a year ago - since then others have contributed to the village too.

Now, some may say 'what is so special about a charm of gnomes on a freeway' and Mamma can't really answer that question....all we know is we enjoyed our time in Gnome Village - it's just a sweet idea and as long as you are not expecting any more than gnomes on a busy freeway - then maybe you will pick up on the magic too.

Mamma's special mention:  Be careful here - there is not any parking and it is a very busy freeway - We parked down a side street down a way and then walked back to the Village

the nitty gritty

open all the time!


(although bringing a friend to live in Gnome Village would be appreciated by the next visitor I am sure!)



In the intersection on
Keilor Park Drive and Calder Fwy
(Look out for the signs)